Guard Your Ride: The Essential Screen Protector for Every Biker

Guard Your Ride: The Essential Screen Protector for Every Biker

In the pulse of India's streets, where motorcycles are not just vehicles but lifelines, the integrity of a speedometer's display is paramount. But, what guards these guardians of your journey? Let's delve into the world of screen protectors and unveil their unsung heroism.

The Harsh Reality of the Road:


The Xpulse's shattered display, a testament to the vulnerability of unprotected screens.

The Honda Activa's cracked screen, a silent plea for the protection that came too late.

The TVS Apache's display, scarred by the well-meant but damaging touch of a watchman.

The Science Behind Protection:

Let's debunk myths: the right screen protector is neither a luxury nor an accessory—it's a necessity. The high-grade materials used in D'FENDER screen protectors are a testament to innovation, merging the flexibility of hybrid materials with the resilience needed to withstand the unexpected. From the daily grind to the extremities of nature, our screen protectors—be it 7H or PPF—are your display's best allies.

Economics of Protection vs. Repair

An MT15, its screen now a canvas of heat damage and UV exposure.

An Xpulse, its display a casualty of a tumble, now bearing the cost of adventure.

A KTM 390 Duke, its poor quality protector melted and stuck on the display. Which cannot be even buffed out, without permanent damage.

The cost of foresight is minimal compared to the price of neglect. A high-quality screen protector, such as those offered by D'FENDER, starts at a mere Rs. 199. In contrast, replacing a damaged LCD or TFT panel can skyrocket to anywhere between Rs. 4,000 and Rs. 50,000. The math is simple—the investment in a protector is a fraction of the cost of repair.

The D'FENDER Promise

D'FENDER screen protectors come with a promise of over 96% visibility, reduced glare, and an assurance to minimize the appearance of pre-existing scratches. The application is a breeze, and with our DIY kits, you're just four to six steps away from securing your motorcycle's display. Plus, our eco-friendly packaging ensures that while we're protecting your ride, we're also mindful of the environment.


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