Myths About Motorcycle Speedometer Screen Protectors

Myths About Motorcycle Speedometer Screen Protectors

Clarity in Motion: Myths with Facts

In the bustling streets and rugged terrains of India, a motorcycle's speedometer is not just a display but a navigator for the rider. Yet, this crucial component is prone to damage from various elements. Let's debunk some myths and bring to light the robust capabilities of modern screen protectors.

Dispelling Myths with Facts

  • Myth 1: Tempered Glass is Supreme While 9H tempered glass is revered for its strength, its rigidity can be a downside. Our innovative hybrid screen protectors offer flexibility and superior impact absorption, making them a smarter choice for varied speedometer designs.

  • Myth 2: PPF is Too Thin to Protect On the contrary, a high-quality Paint Protection Film (PPF) is not only robust against penetration but also boasts self-healing properties, ensuring longevity and reliability.

  • Myth 3: Screen Protectors are Tricky to Apply With our DIY kits, screen protector application is a breeze. Anyone can apply them, ensuring your speedometer stays as pristine as the day you bought it.

The D'FENDER Difference

Our screen protectors are tested rigorously to meet the demands of Indian riders. They offer more than 96% visibility, reduce glare, and even diminish pre-existing minor scratches. Plus, with eco-friendly packaging and affordable pricing starting at just Rs. 199/-, protecting your motorcycle's speedometer is now as cost-effective as it is essential.

Neglecting your motorcycle's screen protection can lead to costly repairs. D'FENDER's screen protectors offer an affordable solution, ensuring your display remains as legible and vibrant as your riding spirit. Join the ranks of informed riders making the smart choice with D'FENDER. We don't just sell products; we provide a service that extends beyond the purchase.


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