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Honda CB 300 R

Honda CB 300 R

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7H Motorcycle Screen Protector:
Fortify your motorcycle's display against the rigors of the road with our 7H Motorcycle Screen Protector. Constructed to achieve a 7H hardness rating on the Mohs scale, this protector is a bulwark against scratches and minor abrasions. Its specialized hard-coating technology ensures a durable barrier while offering high UV resistance to prevent yellowing and maintain clarity. Designed for Indian roads, it provides superior visibility and an immaculate appearance, upholding the aesthetic and functional integrity of your motorcycle's dashboard.

PPF Motorcycle Screen Protector:
Adopt the pinnacle of screen protection technology with our PPF Motorcycle Screen Protector. Incorporating innovative self-healing properties through elastomeric polymers, this protector is capable of erasing minor scratches and marks, keeping your motorcycle’s display pristine over time. The flexible nature of the PPF allows it to conform seamlessly to curved surfaces, ensuring a flawless fit. Enhanced with UV-resistant coating, it safeguards against the harsh Indian sun, making it an essential upgrade for long-term display maintenance and clarity.

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